Williams County

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Williams County offers an interesting mix of farmers, working class and people pursing an advanced education. OSU opened an extension in Williams county focusing on Agricultural advancements. Williams County has its own Agriculture Blog and is the home of many companies which have developed many notable products.


Williams county

State map highlighting Williams CountyFounded: April 1, 1820  

Area: 421.74 sq mi

Named for:   David Williams (1754-1831), captor of spy John André during the Revolutionary War           

County Seat: Bryan, Ohio

Williams County Profile (from Ohio.gov)      

Williams County Official Site

Fun Fact:  Bryan is home to several companies whose products are far reaching: Ohio Art, maker of the Etch-A-Sketch and Betty Spaghetty toys, and Spangler Candy Company, makers of Dum Dum Pops and among the largest makers of candy canes in the world.

People of note from County: Bob Hartman - Guitarist and founder of the pioneer Christian Rock Band Petra, Margaret A. Goodell - Discovered a novel method to isolate adult stem cells. Founding member and director of the Star Center at Baylor College of Medicine, Sam Hornish, Jr. Former IRL driver and current NASCAR driver, Morry Hummel – Founder of Hummel Aviation and designer of the Hummel Bird aircraft, Ned Garver - Former Major League Baseball player from 1948–1961, William Isaac - Former Chairman of the Federal from 1981 to 1985 and frequent commentator on financial regulatory matters.

Major Employers:  Allied Moulded Products Inc, Community Hospitals, Ingersoll-Rand Co, ITW/Tomco, Plastics, Kumi Kasei/KAMCO industries, Letts Industries/Powers & Sons, Midwest Stamping Co, Ohio Art Co, Spangler Candy Co, Titan Tire Corp

Cities: Bryan

Villages: Blakeslee, Edgerton, Edon, Holiday City, Montpelier, Pioneer, Stryker, West Unity

Townships: Brady, Bridgewater, Center, Florence, Jefferson, Madison, Mill Creek, Northwest, Pulaski, St. Joseph, Springfield, Superior

Other communities:

Ainger, Alvordton, Berlin, Bridgewater Center, Columbia, Cooney, Franklin Junction, Hallock, Hamer, Hillcrest, Kunkle, Lock Port, Melbern, Mina, Nettle Lake, West Jefferson, Williams Center

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