Ohio Animals in the News

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Ohio Animals in the News


The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is asking local residents for help rounding up the remaining 7 prairie dogs still on the loose from a group of 11 who escaped from their temporary quarters on Friday.  The Assistant Curator said in a statement that the Zoo does not believe the escapees have left the property, but is asking neighbors to be on the look out just in case.  (There has been talk of bringing in the groundskeeper that Bill Murray’s character was based on in the movie, ‘Caddyshack’, if the animals are not located by spring.)       

Ohio is only the second state in recent history to ban the “owning, breeding, selling or trading of wild exotic animals.”  Outgoing Governor Ted Strickland issued the prohibition by executive order last week.  Current owners of exotic animals, which include tigers, bears, and elephants, will be required to register them each year, making it easier for authorities to keep track of potential abuse and/or exploitation. 

Oddly, Ohio’s neighbor to the south, Kentucky, has been designated by the Animal Legal Defense Fund as the best state to live in if you are an animal abuser–for the fourth year running!  Its complete lack of animal protection laws and inability to stop the rampant cock-fighting rings in the state are cited as reasons for the distinction.

- John Hewson

*John is a new contributor to our Blog, and we welcome his insights on the goings on in Ohio! Welcome, John!

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